What is your opinion on this?

A girl Im interested in hasn't talked to for a while now, about 5 days. Should I call her up or ignore her and move on?

I have not been on a date with her yet.. I asked her out but she said she was busy with friends


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  • If you have asked her out, and she declined, then yes still be kind to her. She may only be interested in you as a friend. Sure, it sinks to be in the"friend zone" but it's better than nothing at all. However, if she is hurtful to you, or only wants to talk to you when it's convenient for her, she may not be worthy of you. Even though you like her, go out with other people. Don't waste your time and energy on anyone who doesn't want to spend time with you. Life is way to short to be waiting around for a girl who doesn't appreciate you and your time.


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