I don't know what to do... need major advice?

Okay it may sound crazy, but after closing my 2 year relationship and concentrating on myself for about 5-7 months I just want to have the experience of being with someone.

So I've found someone. I think I already made several big whoops, but I'm simply a stranger to her.

Whats crazy about this is I've been in relationships too long to know how to date. I don't know how to go about this. From what I can tell she's trying to get her stuff together. So am I and I think we could vibe if she gave me the time of day.

Now the two big whoops I made are

-She posted on Facebook she wanted to watch a movie, I liked the status and told her she should come and watch Hercules (this was last week). I felt at the time this was smart and could get a conversation started. She saw it and never responded.

-The other whoops is on instagram I made her my WCW and my insta is private and she doesn't follow me so I don't think she know I did it or something cuz she didn't double tap.

I would like to take her out on a date and find out her interest. Get to know one another before we start anything to serious.


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  • If you have her Facebook info, then simply message her. Say you think she sounds cool and that you'd like to hang out some time. Don't be overbearing about it; just get that out there.

    And don't overthink these "whoops" things ;) You're human, dude. People make mistakes (including her), and these don't even sound all that big of deals anyways.

    If she ends up turning you down, oh well. In that case, you're still you and you're still awesome. Just keep going on, being the best person you can be, and if she's worth it, she'll notice you. If she doesn't... then somebody even better will :)

    • Thanks I'll do that and if she ignores that than I'm going to leave her alone. I ain't afriad putting myself out there. I know it's better to have tried than not have tried at all.

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  • In my opinion, I think you're being to passive about asking her out. Just call her and ask her to a date.

    Also I don't think you didn't make a big mistake. I think it's cute


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  • Just simply says,
    ''Hey, I think you look nice, I'm curious about you, would like to get to know you more, here's my number. If you agree to have conversations with me, shoot me a call/text, we shall begin from there ;) ''
    You OFFER the invitation and she simply either ACCEPTS or DECLINE it.
    It's as simple as that dude, don't over complicate things.

    • Yay thanks. I think I am, but I just don't want to seem needy. If that make sense

  • If you want to do stuff right, you need to stop with the passive hints and social media. Call her up and ask her out on a date.

    • I don't have her number. If I did this would probably be much easier

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    • Well It's not like I'm someone she knows like that. Even i would be cautious about someone I don't know sudden;y telling me she wants me to come watch a movie.

    • But at the least start chatting on FB. Directly.