How come she asked my sister to be her bridesmaid?

After I dumped my ex of 4 years he got a new gf. He was at a friend's house we got in a fight, I told him what a pos he was and that I had told everyone what he had done. He was going out with this new woman for 3 months. After I confronted him one week after he proposed to her. Since we had mutual friends and he was planning to bring her around. Anyways I ended up telling his new gf of what a cheater he was. My sister's cheating husband stayed friends with my ex. They all 4 my sister included kind of started to hang out and in one month she asked my sister to be her bridesmaid. My sister came up to me and asked me if it was okay. I told her that I didn't care but how wrong she was to be lying to this girl. My sister told me her husband told her not to get in it. Even though they both know the truth they don't back me up. Since my sister's husband is a cheater too she just takes his cheating. My sister is in denial. Anyways did his gf ask my sister out of spite since I had told her he was a cheater? She doesn't know my sister and she could've picked anyone my sister was even surprised that she asked her?


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  • It really sounds like you are still bitter about the relationship with your ex. You kinda need to get over it.

    • That wasn't the question but okay if that's what you think. People like to call others certain things when they don't agree with others morals. If your okay with cheating that's fine that's your choice it makes no difference to me.

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    • You did, you care because you're upset about it to post a question about it on this site.

    • Okay.

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  • She likes your sister, they're friends. What's the problem?

    • A true friend would tell another the truth about their boyfriend. My sister knows that he's a player and she still acts as if that's the case. All because her own ex husband is a cheater.

    • And what does that have to do with you? You're not involved. Why do you care so much? He's moved on. You need to move on too

    • Okay another person that can careless about what happens to others. You must be those ignorant selfish type of people. I'm done.

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