If a guy doesn't contact after sex? Guys opinion?

I’m just curious and not really stressing but learning I guess you can say (newly divorced). I went out with this guy the other night and (we met on line) we had a good time. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen and I don’t think he did either since he had no condoms. One thing led to another, he gave me oral and we had been drinking and went all the way. The next morning I leave his place and he tells me to get at him but I told him to get at me gave him a hug and left. Then an hour later not even I get a text from him saying “have a good day” or something of those lines and reciprocated. Then I was thinking I would hear back from him that night but nothing. Today I doubt I will hear back from him but my question is do you think that maybe he texted me that just to be less douchey? I really thought I would hear back from him last night but nothing so now I’m accepting maybe it was a fling (and yes I wish it wasn’t but not stressing over it either) but it just gave me mixed signals when he texted me that. I haven’t had a one night stand in awhile. Is that common? I won’t be calling him so no advice needed on that lol


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  • Did you reply to the first text?

    • yea i told him "you too." then him i forgot my charger and to dont give it away (jokingly ) and he replied with "lol"... i guess if. i was a dude and didn't want nothing to do with the chick i would have never contacted her again... not throw them a nice gesture text and lead them on in a sense. I don't know jus new to all this :( Half me says he is gonna contact me again later but im believing that he won't so. i. won't be disappointed if he doesn't

    • He might call you again, but for sex probably.
      I know a lot of guys online are just looking for sex, I even know some guys who go on marriage sites and lie and say they're looking for marriage to just sleep with women.
      And I've got a couple married guy friends who go on dating sites and just sleep with them.
      Some of them send a text to the girl now and then, just incase they want to meet again.
      It depends though, remember some guys follow dating rules about how soon to contact a woman.

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  • id say its like a hit or miss. basically common. but yeah sounds just like a fling. so totally normal hahaa

  • Instead of worrying so much, just text him! Ask what he is doing or anything. If he doesn't seem interested to talk or if he doesn't call after a short while, then he isn't interested in anything serious.


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