I over heard my boyfirend talk about another girl with his firend?

ok, so i over heard my bf talk to his firend about some hot blonde girl (he actualy prefers blondes) but he dated me for 2 years, im a brunette,...

i over hear him say, ''i would fuck her if i had the chance'' we were both at his firends house he didn't think i was listening,...

my heart droped after hearing this, and i felt realllyyyy shitty... and yes i am a insecure person, always have been, i just take thearapy for it, and iv never bothered him about my selfesteem issues,... i would only ask somthing like this only once a year,...

so i confronted him, and told him how i feel,.. he said he was sorry, but i dont feel the same way about him anymore, i still feel angry, hateful,... and his word still repeats in my head about the girl he would fuck if he had the chance,... i just hate him for saying that,... and he know this girl, if it was a celeberty, i wouldn't have minded at all!

and i feel angry enough to breakup with him and not want him back at all,...

we are both 22-23...

and please no rude answers or silly ones,...


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  • All guys have said something stupid like that to their guy friends at some point usually in a macho way.

    Some really mean it and some are just using it as a figure of speech.

    It's tough though because you heard it and can't unhear it. Only you know what you can put behind you.

    If it is not something you can get past then it might be the end. You are young, you are a beautiful person and if he isn't 100% committed to you - you deserve someone who is. If he isn't by now - you will continue to waste more prime years with someone always looking for a perceived upgrade.

    Your challenge is trying to determine if he was showing off for his friends or has one eye on the door.

    Good luck and hug!


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  • well i'll tell you one thing between guys that kind of talk is completely normal. only the very genuine decent ones keep it to themselves even amongst their own friends. I see how shitty you must feel and im not going to tell you to get over it but just know that it is generally normal between guys. my best friend and I were talking and he has a girlfriend with a baby daughter almost 1 year old and he is talking about this other girl that has a huge crush on him how he would just totally fuck her if he wasn't with his gf at the time. its a disgusting behavior looking at it from your point of view but its normal:P don't think too much about it, if he is truly sorry then let his actions prove his words. and hopefully he can rebuild the confidence you once had in him.

    • ok, i understand, il try,... thanks.

    • keep your head up:) that's why we let our actions define who we are, not what we say.

    • yes thats true i will keep that in mind,...

  • Make him the favor and break up with him. So he could finally be free to go bang dat hot blond babe.

    • i didn't ask for silly anwers, so dont answer at all,...

  • Probably doesn't help, it's guy talk. Its are way of saying she's attractive. Doesn't mean he'll do it if he has a chance.

    • *our

    • you know what i actualy thot that too and it did made sense, most guys just say it, BUT i actualy asked him if he really had the chance and he said ''yeah'' that he would,.. i felt like taking a frying pan and smack his head in,...

  • Break up with him I say.


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  • It sounds like he doesn't value your relationship as much as you do, my BF would NEVER say that, in fact, he get's annoyed when other girls hit on him. Your man has not given you his heart.

  • This is the second time asking this...

  • Personally, I'd break up with him, but it's really up to you.

    If it bothers you enough where you think you could break up with him and not look back, then he's probably not "the one" anyway. I think you should probably look inside your heart and really consider if you're really in love with him or not, and also if he's really in love with you.

    • ok i will think of it, im kindv am on the edge of breaking up with him anyways but im thinking about it again and again hope that my insecurities dont get the best of me, you know? but then again my heart doesn't feel much for him though,...

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    • No, no. I understand what you were saying. I'm saying.. he knew you were in the same house. Of course, there's a possibility of you walking in the room as he's saying it. I would wonder what they'd say when I'm not there at all, when there's no possibility of me hearing. Or better yet, what he would DO when I'm not there.

    • ahh yes,... either way it hurts,.. and thanks for you answers