Should I ease off this guy after what he said?

He is very confusing VERY! I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with & then he says this he said he is scared to rush things b. c his "ex amber" he asked her out after 2 or 3 dates & found out she was in rehab, smoked, had a kid, etc & it was bad. we have known each other 3-4 years & he has pursued me for all those years on & off.

I told him I'm not amber & wee can take our time but i'm confused b. c he introduced me as his girlfriend to his army friends & when the Sargent asked "wives & girlfriends" to go in the class room to get briefed on deployment I said no thanks I'm fine being realistic & he got really upset & mad all the women asked me if I would go I said no thanks then he said If you don't go I might get in trouble. I said FINE I'll go! I went & he came in with me the Sargent asked him if we were ok etc b. c they don't get deployed if they are having problems with wives & girlfriends apparently but when he is on the phone he says with my friend but yet he doesn't know what he would do without me.

I'm soooo confused & if he won't commit into a relationship I'm leaving b. c I'm looking for whats best for me & deserve to be happy. He said Dr. Phil said a relationship without a friendship is like a house without a foundation ever since then its like were just friends were just friends so I backed up & said I won't stay over anymore I refuse to give you girlfriend privileges if I'm not the girlfriend then he said last night " I don't want to loose you I don't know what I would do w. o you I value our friendship this is why were just friends & not dating though but yet he is looking a girl to spend the rest of his life with... HELP!


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  • Just give him an ultimatum either you guys become exclusive or your done it sounds like he's just using you when its convenient for him and that not fair for you


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