Guys what are some do's and don'ts for a girl that you have for a first date?

What would make you want a second date and what would make you not?

Also when he asked me out he said he wants to take me out for dinner. To me that meals he's paying but should I still offer to pay for myself to be polite? or how do I act when the bill comes?


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  • A few things:

    Your phone should be away, and preferably on silent. It's sad that I even have to mention not having your phone out on a date- that should be common courtesy with anyone. If I was at a restaurant with a girl who wouldn't put her phone down, I'd probably just get up and leave her there.

    Don't be negative. I asked you out to get to know you better and have a good time, not to hear you complain about "work is hard, my boss sucks, my coworkers suck, school sucks, all of these people I know are bitches, etc." That doesn't mean you have to be happy go lucky about everything, but keep the negativity down unless it's relevant to the conversation.

    At least offer to pay, even if you're faking it. The standard now seems to be "He should offer to pay, then I offer to pay my share, but he should insist on paying the whole bill." The false niceness isn't fooling anyone, but if you actually go in INSISTING that he pay the whole thing, then that's cause for trouble. As such, he may take you up on your fake offer to pay half, so be prepared to actually pay half if you need to.

    If you're enjoying it, act like it. I'm not sure why "the chase" or "hard to get" is such a thing, but nothing bothers me more. If you enjoyed the date, say so. If you want a second date, consider setting it up yourself (and be prepared to pay for it if you do). Don't do any of the "ignore his first few calls afterward" thing- that just makes you seem uninterested, and that's going to put a lot of good guys off.


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  • ok when the bill comes, you should do the whole reach for it game. cause he is obviously going to reach for it but you reach for it too and its kind of like tug o war but let him win lol. and order whatever you want! but within reason:D I told this girl she can have whatever she wanted and she ordered soup only:P but later I found out she was not interested in spending my money so:D

  • That would be nice if you ask if we can split the check or can I leave the tip. You don't have to say anything right away when the bill comes, wait for him to look at it. If he doesn't look at the check after a few minutes ask if you can split it or leave the tip.
    I would never date a girl twice that eats more then I do. If you think you don't want a second date order the most expensive thing & scarf it down. Then order desert.

    • Nice Godfather. I think this was perfect advise for either direction.

  • Do:

    Dress well and act like you want to be there.

    Ask questions to further the conversation.

    Be polite and gracious.

    Offer to pay your share. Never come off as if you expect him to pay. Most of us will pay for 1st few dates without issue but we want our lady to show she is apprciative and not taking us for granted. This is easily accomplished by offering to pay your share.


    Look at your phone every time it makes a noise. In fact, turn the damn thing off and leave it alone. Show him your appreciation by giving your date your undivided attention.

    Constantly talk about yourself. Everyone's favorite topic; themselves! A smart guy is going to try to keep the conversation focused on you, a smart girl won't yammer on and on and will ask questions about him.

    Order only a salad - go ahead and eat! Likewise, dont order the $50 surf & turf with a bottle of wine. He is trying to show you a nice time, dont treat him like a walking ATM machine.

  • Phone HAS to be away unless your taking pics of us for the date, biggest turn off is a girl texting on a date.

    If you talk about your ex, I really don't want to know about that, maybe when we get serious and we open up about our past, but no exes

    When you start acting coy all of a sudden, going hot then cold then hot again, I'm 22 with a life, I have no time for that

    Be one sided on the conversation, as in just go silent after you went on for like 10 min, I love when a woman talks, I don't mind, but ask nothing in return at the end of it, and I'm losing interest.

    Other than that those are just some pet peeves.

  • When it comes to the bill what worked for us on the first date was that I paid the bill and she covered the tip. Just have fun, be yourself and you will get the second date.

    • What's your opinion on using coupons? I get away with it since my gf and I are both frugal.

  • If I ask for a date then I ll do the paying. I dnt like a lady with large appetite and the one that only want to talk about herself.

  • You could offer to pay bit if he says you can pay trust me he isn't the one and don't act like a complete nerd be chilled out with the guy I'm sure he would want more from a great looking girl like you xxx

  • Just don't expect me to pay for your shit.
    If I always paid for first dates, just because I have a penis and she doesn't, I'd lose a lot of money, on girls who I might never go out with again.
    So just pay for your shit and we're good.


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