Can someone please tell me what I need to do in this situation?

This girl and I were talking for a month, then she broke it off with me saying she needs time to work on herself and needs her space. She told everyone how much she liked me and the way she acted around me I could tell she liked me a lot as well. So I respected that and left her alone. Well last week she text me and we talked til 2 a. m. She told me how she had been thinking about me all that time and how she missed me. And we talked like we did when we went out that month. So I threw it out there if she'd like to start like hanging out and stuff again and she told me that she'd love to, so we made plans to do something this past saturday. A couple days later I text her to see if we were still on for Saturday night and I never heard back from her. Until she finally text me late Friday night saying she needed to talk to me. She told me that she had to be honest with me that she had been talking to her ex boyfriend on and off again. That pissed me off so bad because I've been nothing but a great guy and treated her great and been there for her non stop and she did me like this. She told me that she really does like me that she just doesn't know what she wants. She feels like she's stuck and don't know what to do. She said she feels like her mind is going a 1000 different directions every second and she's just confused. It's made me mad she's done this to me, but I want her. I just have this connection with her and I just feel something about her. I feel she's making a terrible mistake going back to her ex because he is nothing but an asshole and miss treats her and I don't know why she would want someone like that when she's got me this great guy right in front of her who wants her. I feel like I should do something but I don't want to like drive her away for good you know? I thought about maybe writing a letter to her and leaving it on her car in 2 or 3 weeks telling her how I feel about her but make it seem like it's not from me. What do you think?


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  • First of all, a letter? That is really old fashioned... but I guess it could be romantic. Sorry, okay I'll answer your question now:

    You know what I think? Actually you know what I DON'T think? Okay, never mind, let me start over: She is not "confused." She just likes having two guys. That's the truth of it. You and him are the perfect combination. It's him when she wants to feel crazy and naughty. It's you when she needs someone to be nice to her and she's tired of all the bad treatment... but as you well know, once she is rested up, she'll only go back to him. She is undecided, which is a sign of immaturity, in my opinion.

    I highly urge against telling her how you feel. It will not win her over and furthermore, you might get her ex angry.

    I honestly don't see you guys together in the future. You need to make a CLEAN BREAK with this chick. make sure that she knows that you don't want to see her, you don't want to have any contact with her, etc. You should also delete her off of your facebook, your phone, and any other electronic device that you have.

    Sorry to be so glum, but I wouldn't be saying it if I didn't feel it were really true.

    • Yeah that's true cause all I think about is her and I just need to get her out of my head and move on right?

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    • erm... okay... well i hope all goes well dude :) best wishes

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  • Honestly the only thing you can do is let her make her mistake. Dont chase her is she is really considering going back together with an asshole.


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