16 is old enough to date but 14 isn't?

I asked a question earlier about whether most parents would let their 14-year-old daughter date a 16-year-old guy and a lot of people were saying that a lot wouldn't let their 14-year-old date at all. Then when I asked a question about whether most parents would be happy if their 16-year-old son asked our a girl for having the courage or be pissed because they don't want him to date at such a young age, people were like, "What? 16 is definitely old enough to date."


It strikes me as even more surprising because I thought people were dating at like 12 these days...


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  • There's going to be a double standard for guys and girls

    • But I thought girls matured faster than guys anyway so, if anything it should be recommended for us to date a year or two under our owm age...

    • Parents are more protective of their daughters

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  • The amount of maturity between the average 14 year old and average 16 year old is quite substantial (at least in American teens)


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  • both ages should be foucsing on studies, i wouldn't want my children to start dating at such young age

    • Same response to you as luna33:

      Don't you think that would be frustrating for them and too restrictive? As a teenage guy, I haven't even had a girl like me back yet, and it would be very devastating if finally, for once a girl would like me back, and then my parents were like, "No, you can't date." My reaction to that inside would be like, "What the fuck man? It's so hard to even find a girl that likes you back especially as a short guy, and then when one finally does, you deny me?"

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    • Well that's what I was saying. I know you're telling me, "It's your choice," because I am not your son. But would you say the same thing to your son? That's the real question.

    • nope if it is my children i won't especially if its a girl.
      this is ur choice because we are not related and i dont wish to argue much about it.

  • Personally after 18+ is a good age for dating lol not before. At least they are old enough to be responsible for their own actions.

    • So you wouldn't let your teenagers date?

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    • I said "on the inside". You should watch Ice Age IV. I know you're probably thinking, "Uh... what?"

      Notice how the father at the beginning is always being really overprotective of her daughter, but then when her father is lost and she is only with her mother, her mother is open about it and does hint her about some advice, but also lets her daughter experience things for herself and realizes that the guy she crushed on was the "wrong guy" and how she shouldn't change herself for a guy. She's much happier this way and learns a lot more and later when the father is rescued, he realizes that this is the best way and that overprotection is actually detrimental to a child's development. It's both frustrating for the child and the child doesn't learn as much than if he or her were to actually go out and learn from experience.

    • Yes I saw it 3 times already nice movie thanks :)
      I think is gonna be hard for me to let go, eventually I have to learn how. Thanks :)

  • People do mature a lot between 14 and 16.


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  • I feel that you shouldn't date until you have your life in your hands. That means that YOU have a job, YOU have your own place to live, and YOU hopefully have a car. Then you should date!

    • So you're saying that teenagers shouldn't date? Because you basically just described less than 1 percent of teenagers.

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    • "Dude, these days, quite a few people even in their twenties don't meet your criteria."
      Most of these relationships that you mentioned don't work out. People who have their life together in a stable way with THEM in control tend to have better relationships.

      Also in case you didn't know, most teenage relationships are a joke. They barely ever last.

    • Lets say you live on campus are you saying you should not date?

  • Dating was going on heavily when I was 14... I think leaving it as "dating" is fine, sex is too young (Although it commonly happens), but at the end of the day I think the focus should be school.