Can I get some opinions on the age old height question?

I'm forever living the backwards life, haha. I've always preferred a taller girl. But i know it's not "socially acceptable"(pffft) Something mystically appealing about looking up to a girl. Especially one i really like. Adds this mystique, and it if this works attraction. not talking 6'5 chick, and a 5'3 dude.(But if anybody wants to chat about that, I'm all ears) But a 5'9-6' guy,5'11-6'3 girl.. how would you girls feel about that? Would you like feeling tall, confident, important? Guys? Would you like showing off an Amazon princess to the world?


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  • Personally I prefer guys that are taller as I feel 'safe', however I have dated a guy that is the same height/ slightly shorter and I don't believe it affected the relationship so I would put it down to personal choice.


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  • That would seem ok imo. As long as the girl is not stooping down to kiss her guy. That just looks awkward. I know the tall girl would have to feel awkward too having to stoop so low to kiss her man. They'll have to be seated the majority of the relationship.


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