Should I try again or wait for her?

So I went out for a first date with this girl and I thought it went pretty well, we knew each other before and she's been displaying strong signs of interest since we started talking. I asked if she wanted to hangout on the weekend and she said yes and made plans for a specific day but then she cancelled. After rescheduling for another day, she texted me saying she had to cancel again but that for sure we would hangout the next night. She didn't text me all day the next day until around 5 and it was just basically asking me whats up, she was apparently working again that night. Ever since then I figured she doesn't wanna hang out and if she did she would ask me but she still texts me quite a bit and seems interested which is confusing me.


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  • Perhaps she gave this some serious thought and Thought Things were moving too fast for the both of you. And she now wants to slow things down a notch and doesn't want to 'Hangout' at this time.
    It's a good sign, however, that she is pushing some buttons on her end. And I am sure if she wanted to make the effort to 'Reschedule' she Could. But I believe she wants to play it cool for now, and stay friends And Friendly until further notice.
    It's really your call, your choice how long you want to hang on. And staying friends, if you do find that there is nothing more to be said, you can always tell her you are 'Hanging' with Others.
    It wouldn't be fair on her part to make you sit and wait. You're young yet, and you shouldn't have to settle on mere messages And... No 'In touch' time.
    Good luck. xx

  • She seems to be thinking things are going to fast and is trying to distance herself between you, I wouldn't get in touch with her until she gets in touch with you, good luck! x


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