I want a relationship, but get scared to show love?

I literally fear this. I cannot show a man that I love him or even like him.
Is anyone else like this

I also rather be loved, than actually love him. I don't like being touched unless if it's sexual. I don't like when men give me flowers or try and cuddle with them. I don't see myself getting married and I get sick of them easily.
I can't open up to men unless he had a hard time growing up or we share similar childhood experiences. I can connect with them, but I try hard to avoid them because I'm afraid of loving them


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  • Yes, of course I'm just like that. It's natural to be hesitant and guarded before getting in a relationship because when you choose to do so, you're at your most vulnerable state, emotionally-speaking at least.

    I used to be very similar to you in not liking cuddling or much touching, aside from some drunken make-outs. But when it came to feeling each other up, I definitely wasn't into any of that.

    However, I ran into an old high-school classmate, something clicked and I'm a totally different person now. I love cuddling and random touching almost more than him. I think it's just a matter of finding someone with whom you are so compatible that almost from the get-go you completely trust them.

    Try meeting guys as friends first so you can become more comfortable around them to help let your guard down. Little by little they'll win you over and you'll see that half the beauty of being in love/a relationship is being okay with wearing your heart on your sleeve because you trust that your s/o will always have the best intentions when it comes to you.


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  • Do you not understand that your closed heart will only cause you pain? I had a closed heart most of my life. Only recently has it been softened by God. Most of my life I was miserable, but now I see the truth. We need love, we need companionship.

    Do you see you are allowing men to use you? It profits you nothing, but brief pleasure. The only way you will find fulfillment in life is for you to fully open your heart to someone worthy of receiving it.

    • I'm curious, but how will a closed heart cause you pain? I just want to hear your perspective.

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    • thnkahead, a closed heart will cause a person pain because we were designed to interact, to live, and to love. If you are keeping your heart closed, then you will never know the feelings we humans crave- of being loved. It is a very painful, slow death. As I said, I experienced it myself.

    • Asker, God is healing me. I do not know if you believe in God or not, you believing in God does not make Him exist, or not exist. I am sorry you are so hostile to the idea of God. I hope your heart softens in the future.

      Yasemistruck: Thank you.

  • Find a relationship that works for u. sounds like u r afraid to get hurt


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  • I'm similar to you. I only show my love when i trust someone. If I don't trust you, forget about it...

    • Why are you afraid of loving someone? A previous heartbreak? disappointment?

    • people can't be trusted.. you have to watch your back all the time so I'm just cautious...

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