When do you know if it's not the right time to tell someone you miss them?

I've been seeing a guy for the past month and I really do like him. We're going pretty well, he's kissed me on all dates we've had and I would say he does seem interested for sure. We have loads in common, seem to really like each other and have admitted we understand each other in ways that no one else has.

How do I know if it is too early to tell him I miss him (after not having seen each other for longer than it has been before due to him having work commitments)? I know it's nothing like saying 'I love you' but to me it still is a substantial thing to say. How do I know if it's weird or if it's too soon to say 'I miss you' or 'I kinda miss you' to him?

Thanks so much x


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  • well my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend after just a few dates, i said yes but since i've never had a relationship i'd considered real so for a long time I was playing it safe and would worry about this too. When I decided to say it I said "Is it weird that I miss you?" and I don't know i think that is a little less threatening than just "i miss you" i think depending how long it's been since your last encounter... if it hasn't been long it might be a little strange to him since guys aren't usually all touchy feely. but if it's been awhile i think you should go for it, he may feel the same way but since he's a dude he isn't expressing it. I think you should honor your feelings as much as possible unless you're positive or mostly sure it'd freak him out. There's time for the deeper stuff later.


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