Why did I get down-voted for not having being highly turned on by a girl's virginity?

I think a couple days ago some female poster ask what we think of virgin girls.

I basically stated my opinion that it's not something that thrills me but would consider her if she has a great personality. Suddenly she down-votes me. WTH
So basically was she expecting my answer to be: Oh yes, it means that's the best girl that has great values. Those are definitely relationship material.

The qualities I'm looking for is obviously personality, career minded. family oriented and kind overall. Whether she's a virgin or not, if she has those traits that's it for me. If she's an outright nasty person or has no goals in life, I wouldn't even befriend her not even if she was virgin mary type.

I'm being honest. There is more than just virginity that would make me want to consider her my gf. Whether she has done it or not is the least of my concern.


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  • Down votes are the new age insult on this site and clearly means nothing because they're almost always coming from the Asker who got their iddy-biddy-feewings hurt and can't stand it when people don't agree with them. I value the ones that take the time to think my opinions are worth an up-vote.

    Some guy here downvoted me THEN blocked me for giving an opinion on whether or not his kink of tickle-torturing women was a dealbreaker even if he treats his woman well otherwise. Some people just come to this site wanting people to swan all over their opinions even when they ASK for people to give their thoughts on it. The Tickle Jerk seemed to get off on women telling him it was not an issue, but all of us girls who said it wasn't cool all got downvoted.

    So what I'm saying is -- a downvote is almost always from someone butt hurt, who likely asked the question in the first place and didn't get the answer they hoped and feel all ridiculous being told how it is from someone with a differing opinion. It's juvenile, and these people probably have hissy fits and give silent treatments whenever other things don't go their way either.

    It's one of the down-sides of GAG. This site attracts a lot of cowardly people and from what I've also noticed, there is no real security measure in place for people creating multiple accounts and just sockpuppeting their own answers or reasking questions to give their normal profiles a break.

    I appreciate the genuine discussion that this site can stir up and I really do chuckle when people like your Virgin Girl and my Tickle Jerk get butt hurt enough to downvote based on their own hangups.

    Don't worry about it.

    • Well said. Thanks

    • Wow and an upvote to boot! Woo hoo! Take THAT Virgin Girl and Tickle Weirdo! LOL

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  • People on here get downvoted for everything. Trust me.

    I have been downvoted for saying I was bullied, I've been downvoted for saying 'you deserve better', I've been downvoted for saying what my favorite food is. See what I mean? You can get downvoted for almost anything. I'm sure this will probably be downvoted as well.. (haha, just kidding!)

    • Haha, I knew you guys would do that ;D Oh, you GaGers.

    • Yeah, it's like they want to do it for the hell of it. Though, it can get irritating.

    • I've learned not to let it bother me. It used to when I first joined the site, but then I realized that for the most part, it's not personal. Sometimes people just do it to do it. xD

  • Because the question asker cannot be mindful of other peoples opinion.

    ... question here is why did a thumbs down brought you to ask this question? Might as well do it for every question. And what proof do you have that it was the QA who down voted you? That feature is there for a reason.

  • I think it should be considered a good quality in a girl but not necessarily one that is lusted after. To me in this day it shouldn't be something you seek because it's hard to find but just a bonus. She sounds a little bit narcissistic about it.

    • Honestly, none of my friends go crazy about that either. They don't even ask if she's a virgin but go with the flaw and if she is, she will either give out the information herself, which has happened before or she usually takes things slower than usually.
      I guess that virgin poster didn't expect to see how some of us don't really care about it.

  • Most girls on here are virgins, so I assume some tool it as a personal slight against them. Who cares though?

  • Are you kidding me? I get downvoted for saying what my favorite ice-cream flavor is.

  • Lol, who cares about down votes. Not everyone is gonna like your opinion, so they *down vote* . Not a big deal... :)

    • Haha, like right now how I got down voted on this opinion. No big deal :D

  • Ignore the self concerned bitch.. she is clearly obsessed with herself and expects the same out of you. . good for you for not giving a fuck about her intact hymen...

    • Thank you and well said. If she thinks her intact hymen makes her the best person ever and better than anyone, she can take a hike and find some other sucker. One of my friends once encountered a girl like that and he was immediately turned off.

    • You are right to be turned off by such a bullshit attitude. Good for you, don't worry about her narcissistic down vote... she has issues..

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  • Uhh, okay.

    First of all, how do you know it was the poster who down voted you?

    Second, down votes happen for all sorts of reasons, or no reason at all. This is the internet, people can down vote something just because the little down arrow looked pretty or red is their favorite color.

    Third, who really cares about a down vote?

    • I assumed it was the poster who down voted me because a couple seconds after replying, I was down voted.

  • I got down voted on my opinion of who the hottest people on G@G.

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