Is experience good in a partner?

Okay, here's the thing: I've been around the block a good many times... actually, it'd be more accurate to say i've taken cross-country tours... so i kno the ins and outs of relationships. i know what girls like and i know what boys like. except there's this one thing. that one little thought that burns in the back of my mind. do people prefer to have experienced partners or not? i know that i don't, i like em cute and clueless, and a little shy. but is that just me, or is everyone like that? it's just a little curiousity of mine. bear in mind i'm not some young pup, i'm 20 years old, so most people i meet are younger than me.

  • yes, i'd prefer experienced partners that know what they're doing
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  • no, i like partners that are clueless about romance
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  • it depends
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  • You're not a young pup? To 10yr olds maybe! Bahahahahaha. Hun, YOU'RE VERY YOUNG! Altho your confidence is cute, so keep at it! All I ask is that in 10-20 years you recall what you've said in this post and have a good laugh (as I know you will). Take care! ;)


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  • It would be nice to grow together as a couple <3 <3

  • I took my last boyfriends virginity and it made me feel awesome, the fact that I was the only one he had ever been with. I wish now he hadn't been a virgin though - we just broke up and now is going to sleep around and it's going to hurt like hell.


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