I wish I know what ist wrong with me?

Why guys seem always to go for a friend for other girls except me I'm always the one hanging alone when I go at the mall with a friends and their boyfriend and guy don't seem to like me, always turns aways I go alone and them feel really embarrassed and insecure about it and feel really worthless even when I try to flirt with them they are always rude to me call me ugly or dump me me hurt my selfsteem and my confidence I only wish I know cuz I probably they think Iam worthless that make me feel like a loser myself too :( but anyways I give up


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  • Anyone who treats you like dirt is shallow and not even worth thinking about twice. Regardless of what your appearance is, you're an awesome person on your own. Don't think of yourself negatively. It's possible there is a poor selection of guys around you geographically, and in that case, it's not something you can help too much.

    The internet's a fantastic place to make friends -- just go to an active community that centers around some of your interests and go from there. There are dating sites too, if you wanna try those, but they're not always the best of places, just a warning...

    And of course, remember that you don't need a guy to be "complete." You're an awesome person by yourself :) I wish you the best, wherever your life goes.


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  • Hmm I don't know if its a personality thing, attitude, looks, weight? But what always helps aside from the fact of staying fit is changing your look. Changing you clothing style, hair, perfume, and makeup make you look different and feel different and give you the confidence that you need. Also you would probably get a different set of guys talking to you instead of the ones you're used to

    • I don't talk to any guy all my friend are two girls and their bf I don't even have guy friends

    • What kind of guy that won't work neither them cuz I will go for the bad ones

  • Dude, you're a girl. You don't need to be attractive. You have makeup and yoga pants for that.

  • what happened in the last few years? were you sitting at home all those years? even if you are ugly, there are people where I live who are so ugly my eyes hurt but still have lots of friends and don't get called like that! so now we need information about your personality. maybe update your question and write something under the existing oppinions to keep this question up

    • What are you taking about don't you read I get dumped all the time

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    • go lesbian then. the self pity smells so bad, it pushes me away already. I wouldn't like someone that is so negative

    • lol I'm just asking a question and advices some confort words not guys here to like me I wanted to see a guys perspective that's why we all are here but guys are dishonest in their answers it seems and so confusing and liars bc eveything they say here it's not true and dosent even make sence

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