How should I react? Is he still interested?

I feel like the guy I am talking to is losing interest in me because it went from wanting to see me a lot to things coming up and I get that things come up but even when he text me it's not a lot anymore like now I usually initiate them or if I reply to him at night he doesn't respond till noon the next day. He said he's been real busy with stuff at home and he just got sick not feeling well. The day before yesterday we texted a little and he said some Lol's and smiley faces I don't know and I responded he didn't text back and then all day yesterday I didn't hear from him.. Usually if he text the next day incase he got busy or fell asleep it would always be around the same time like noon but this time nothing all day so I told myself.. If he doesn't text me then I know what is going on. Finally when I get home ( i myself am feeling really sick ) I go to bed real early and wake up to a text at around 11pm with him saying "I'm sorry sweetie I went to work this morning but had to come home cuz I was sick and slept all day long. " I don't know how to respond to that? And part of me is saying at least he texted me to let me know so now even if we don't talk a lot like before at least he doesn't go a day without saying anything to me so it's hard for me to tell if he was just being nice or still interested.. He told me before he will try to see me soon but I don't know when that will ever be we been talking for almost 2 months if that helps thanks for all opinions and answers !


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  • Just keep being chill and persistent until things fall through.


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