How long does it take for a lad to actually miss a woman?

My mates thst are lads said it would take them 3 to 4 weeks to miss a girl if they dumped her


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  • Sometimes I don't go about thinking of them until someone reminds me. So I could go a year easily. Depends how she treated me.

    • We're going to see each other a lot thou I was a bit selfish n stubborn but I did realise it when it was too late n now I'm living with his best friend and he be over every weekend

    • Whatever, you got to let it be. People aren't that special, there's a whole hierarchy of gentlemen out there, so you've exhausted 1 possibility, are you seriously going to tell me he's special? Because he's not, it's part of the mind to establish feelings of affection for whatever becomes familiar. I know I'm right.

  • I rarely ever miss a girl and if I do I rarely show it. Best to quit caring and just focus on being happy. If he comes back he'll come back and you'll be happy and ready for him if he doesn't then you'll just be happy.

    • The fact were going to be seeing a lot of each other is killing me

    • Yeah emotions suck sometimes lol. You'll be fine. Don't let fear ruin your day seeing him might end up being a good thing. You can't predict the future so why not just be positive about it.

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