Confused as to whether he is interested?

I've been single for 6 months after ending a two year relationship. Started dating a few guys and finally found one I liked. He asked me for my number and said he wanted to date me before but I had been in a relationship at that time. Our first real date/hangout was during a holiday/Friday and he invited me to his family BBQ and I hung out with him and his friends and at the end of the day went back to where he lives with everyone and we all hung out laughing, drinking, good conversation, good times.
I messed up and was so caught up and since I had been drinking slept with him that night. I know better then that but it was done. We continued to talk that weekend and since he works night shifts during the week and I work during the day I met him that following Wednesday and we watched a movie and then went for a walk in the park, laughed, had great conversation. Weekend no plans made with me. We ended up meeting the next Wednesday again and watched a movie and hung out. During this time I told him that I'm not looking for anything serious right away but am looking to date seriously but just don't want either parties pressured. He said he was ready to settle down. We both stated we were talking to other people and he told me he was talking to other girls too but I had his best interest at heart. (I know it's just talk but nonetheless). Another weekend goes by and he still doesn't make plans with me. Instead each night (and remember I haven't asked him to do anything harassed him, he is the one to contact me Good Morning, goodnight, wyd, I never harass or bother him). But nonetheless he always had an excuse each day that weekend. I finally text him saying to keep his excuses for other chicks he is talking to I'm not his girlfriend or wife and he doesn't have to give me reasons or explanations as to why he didn't make plans. He said he doesn't play games and is interested in me. I'm just going to ignore his texts now or am I missing something?

Some guys told me that I was misreading him and that he did like me. Funny though all my girlfriends and even the girls on here took it the same way as I did which was he wasn't interested. So update: He likes me and officially asked me out :)


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  • Hmm... this is tricky. I was kind of in the same situation. I am glad that you said "I know it's just talk". I would keep my guard up if I were you, especially knowing that he is talking to other girls. I'm glad he at least gave you that. With that being said, you should stick to your guns about how you feel as far as dating him goes. Make sure he's aware of how you feel. Me, personally, I don't think I would ignore any texts at this point simply because he told you he was talking to other girls, and you kind of said that you didn't want there to be pressure and that you aren't his girlfriend/wife, so if you ignore, he might not understand why. BUT, it seems as if Wednesday's are his day to see you. Which isn't very fair... like what is he doing the rest of the days to where he couldn't see you any other time? Why "just" Wednesday's? I might sound wishy washy but this is a very difficult situation to be in.

    • Thanks! How's everything going with your situation?

    • We've been out on dates (we go dutch) so I don't know if those are really dates. Told me he got jealous when he thought I was going out on a date with another guy and when I confronted him asking him if it bothers him he said he's okay with it. So here I am with his weird mixed signals. Just gonna continue dating the other guy and see where it goes. I really like him but maybe I need to focus my attention on the other guy who gives me way more attention and clear signs. I just wish I didn't like the other guy so much and have no clue as to why I do lol.

    • Girl I think we've all been there. Lol does he know about this other guy? I think you should focus your time and energy on the other guy. Especially if he's actually treating you the right way. Don't give up on someone who is doing the right things. You don't need mixed signals. All that does is add stress to your life, makes you over think things constantly and just overall, sucks. Lol

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  • You're making lots of mistakes.

    Tell him you like him but only sleep with guys you're dating monogamously. You want to date. He either says yes or you drop hope of it and friend-zone his ass.

    Securing a monogamous partner is just common good sense. It's adult for going steady. You don't have to marry but at least you know where you stand.

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