Why still text a girl you're not interested in when she gives you the chance to ignore her?

A guy asked me for my number and said he wanted to date me before but I had been in a relationship at that time. Our first real date/hangout was during a Friday and he invited me to his family BBQ and I hung out with him and his friends and at the end of the day went back to where he lives with everyone and we all hung out laughing, drinking, good conversation, good times.
I messed up, had been drinking slept with him that night. I know better than that but it was done. We continued to talk that weekend and since he works night shifts during the week and I work during the day I met him that following Wednesday and we watched a movie and then went for a walk in the park, laughed, had great conversation. Weekend no plans made with me. We ended up meeting the next Wednesday again and watched a movie and hung out. During this time I told him that I'm not looking for anything serious right away but am looking to date seriously but just don't want either parties pressured. He said he was ready to settle down. We both stated we were talking to other people and he told me he was talking to other girls too but I had his best interest at heart. (I know it's just talk but nonetheless). Another weekend goes by and he still doesn't make plans with me. Instead each night (and remember I haven't asked him to do anything harassed him, he is the one to contact me Good Morning, goodnight, wyd, I never harass or bother him). But nonetheless he always had an excuse each day that weekend. I finally text him saying to keep his excuses for other chicks he is talking to I'm not his girlfriend or wife and he doesn't have to give me reasons or explanations as to why he didn't make plans. He said he doesn't play games and is interested in me. I'm just going to ignore his texts now or am I missing something? I told him not to sting me along or play games and said it's okay if he's not interested I'm a big girl I'll be okay but he still texts.


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  • Sounds like he likes you to me...

    • Really even if he has not made weekend plans with me or only once has actually called me on the phone to actually talk. Even at the beginning he would make more conversation... stupid conversation but funny... now it's just GM or GN. Why would he not initiate further plans then?

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    • You were right! :) He does like me and actually really wants to take me out but just stated that he's going through a rough patch and also didn't want to pressure me.

    • Yeah most the time all the negative stuff about relationships is just our own fears taking over our thoughts. Glad that worked out for you though :)

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