Does he have intimacy issues?

I have been on 3 dates with this guy, thought we had a connection and then I could feel him pulling away. Wondered if I should make more effort so started contacting him more and was about to ask him out when he sent me a very confusing text message saying he couldn't stop thinking about me and this worries him and he "thinks we should stop" as he may need more time before he jumps in head first again. He said because of the connection he can see himself going full throttle and then said he could be way off with his thoughts and I might not even feel the same.

He said all this by text and I felt really hurt. I got very upset and angry and he said he had wanted to meet up and talk about it, but I really don't know what there is to talk about. If he wants to stop seeing me then that's that right? But I am feeling down about it all... I really liked him and don't know why he's freaked out at me so early on. I haven't been pressuring him to see me or anything and I let him do all the asking so I can't imagine what I've done wrong. I am considering meeting up with him to talk but I am in 2 minds about it and would really appreciate some opinions on what might be going on with him... it feels like intimacy issues but I don't know why he wants to talk about it at all.


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  • If you were intimate then meeting up is an open door for that to happen again. Whether that is his intentions or not, my guess it is, it will most likely happen if you were intimate. If not then I would say he is still keen on the idea of seeing you he is just hesitant.

    • Well he wanted to talk on the phone as well but I was too angry after his text so I don't think that's his aim. He said "we should stop" so I'm just confused as to what he wants to talk about.

  • Have you 2 even kissed yet? I guess I could understand what he says if he means that he doesn't want to get is a very sexual relationship like right away. This is silly because if thats the case, then I don't think anything will happen, unless he has no control of his body, lol!

    • Yes, we kissed on the 2nd date and slept together on the 3rd. We haven't even seen each other in more than a week and he's behaving like things are moving really fast. I don't get it.

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    • That's your opinion. People like you existed during the Roman empire... it fell.

    • You're relating to people having sex before marriage contributing to the fall of the Roman empire... please take your silly arguments elsewhere.

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