Is this over control or honest?

I'm 23, I've dated 2 guys, one is 24 and a virgin, the other one is 42 and said had 5 relationships. They have something in common: good person, don't lie, don't go out much, hard-working, being gentleman with me, intelligent and have a good job. Both of them got crazy about me within the first 2 weeks after first met. But the 24 year-old-one said "do you promise you will tell me everything and honest?" That time I was in a relationship with my ex so actually we just met as friendĀ“s friend and it was not a date, he knows that but he told me he wants to be my boyfriend, and when he heard I was going to meet my boyfriend he was angry and said "why you didn't tell me the truth". After I broke up with my ex I met the 42-year-old one, not for dating because he is the son of my new landowner. He asked me to dance and during the dance he refused all the invitation from other boys. Finally I danced with a young boy and he was very very angry said "If you go out with me, then dance only with me". I am very uncomfortable with this.

Is this over control or honest?

I had my ex before I met the 24 year old, he wanted me to brake up with my ex. But I was never with him. Long time after I brake up with my ex, I met the 42 year old.


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  • He's controlling. Dated lost of older men and they get possessive especially about girls who are a lot younger then them. Stick with guys around or near to your age. 42 is far too old for you. Take it from someone who knows. They come across as nicer because they have more experience. But if he's 42 and single you have to question why...


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  • Wait who's fighting with who in the first instance?

    You said you met the 24 year old one and that you werent together, he then accuses you of lying because you're together with this other person, whom you break up with after which you met the 42 year old guy.
    That's 3 people.

    They sound batshit crazy, why are you hanging around these people.

  • Honest and a faire deal. Dancing is sex with clothing on anyway.


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