I met a guy and I dont know what to talk about with him?

he's 18 and i am 15 i think i love him

i don't think so


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  • I think you are making decisions too fast. if you didn't even talk to him, what do you know about him to tell you really want to keep him. love itself is just something produced in your brain, I found myself doing this (fallin in love) and I found out later I didn't know the person. I just found like 3 things that really clashed together and what she wanted was not the same as I wanted. I can tell you when you really like someone you can talk about everything with him, you should also not fall in love before nothing but after you think the person is right. I can't tell you the truth of love, I have a whole life till I can answer you that


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  • Lmfao-"I think I love him" wow
    talk to him about life, if you love him id hope you would have similar interests