He's 36, a charismatic guy, gentle but a weird behavior, but he's got me hooked and got all my attention, I wanna win his heart, how?

he has been through a divorce back 2 years from now, does this influence his way of thinking that he has this behavior of in or out the dating process, he told me once he's scared to get involved in a relationship.. what should i do to get him hooked as he does for me?


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  • easiest way to a guys heart: through the rib cage.

    Why not just treat the guy right, and let him fall for you as much as you have fallen for him? Why does this have to be some big drawn out ordeal or some over complicated game.
    If he likes you then he likes you. Treat him right, treat him with respect, be good to him. What else does a guy need to be happy? Guy is scared to get involved. I can relate. But if the right girl comes along and is a wonderful lady who makes me happy Ill take the risk.

    • i do make him happy ! but this game on in thn out i dont like it much.. he's like scared ! im a woman ! n i think i know what im doin.. with him? i always need to make him feel secure ! while he should be exactly as i am ! but this behaviour of his? makes me ask myself questions.. why exactly is he actin' such so ! and askin me weird questions like gimme ur pass of FB and everythin as if im cheatin' ! i dont like to be questoned about my integrety..

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    • so he's playing? or i am? can u elabrate for me please?

    • Honestly if someone is not dealing in good faith, in that they are not telling the truth then its hard to figure them out because they are not acting like they normally do. Though eventually you can figure out if they are playing games.
      I think you are keeping your distance because you dont want to get hurt. There is nothing wrong with that. But depending on where you are from is how the guy will act. I know that middle eastern guys will tell a girl they love her in order to keep her around. Usually players will do the whole I want you around, but when you are around they start acting distant. But as soon as you start pulling away they go crazy.

      Its stupid. But it happens a lot.

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  • Once bitten, twice shy. That's normal for him to not want to jump into anything a second time.
    Try some of this cdn.preterhuman.net/.../...20Love%20with%20You.PDF

    • thank u i'll make sure of readin it.. i aprreciate ur help ! but can elaborate the idea of once bitten n twice shy?

    • What he means is that since he was already hurt in a relationship before, he is scared of getting into another one because he doesn't want to be hurt again.

    • ya i hear u.. but the behavior of an emotional manipulator which means once he says he needs and another time he's like guards up and everythin ! what does this mean exactly?

  • there are 2 ways of winning a guys heart,
    1. seduction (you already know how that works) and after he's attracted show him your beautiful side as a person.

    2. Spend a lot of time with him, without hitting on him just look for occasions to be with him, It's almost inevitable for a guy to not develop feelings (whether they're too big or too small ) for a girl they share a lot of time with, and after seeing some hints -> Seduction.

    • he's already into me quite a lot ! im smart enough to keep him hooked.. but thn again ! he gets.. scared? he teold me many times he's afraid because he feels like he doesn't know why he's that into me? and i dont understand hw should i exactly get that !! he's insecure? or i don't know whats wrong !

    • tell him to don't be stupid trying to understand why he's into you, tell him to just take the full prize home.

  • weird behavior?

    • weird in the wy that sometimes he's perfect ! n smetimes he's insecure.. how exactly sould i take that? what do u think?

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    • so you think i should give him space sometimes?

    • No I think you need to be a part of that weirdness somehow. Like I said Id invite people into it if it was worth it. Im sorry if that doesn't make much sense.

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