How to get a date? If she seems reluctant at first?

Me and this girl I met on Tinder two and a half weeks ago have been getting on really well, we message most days of the week and we flirt, winky faces, x's and she initiates most conversations over Facebook.

At first I said if she ever wanted to hang out i'd be cool with that, and she agreed. Then I asked her if she wanted to do something the following week and she told me about working and all that, even though she previously said that she could possibly do something on one of the days. Thing is she's been on a night out with me before and we shared a bed and it seemed like she really liked me but I'm not sure if she does think of me as something more. That's why i'm keen to organize a date because I know that we'd get along really well and we'd have a great time, it's just getting her to know this.

So do you think I should keep on trying? When we meet again on another night out (which is soon) I hope she can get to know me a bit better. I hope she realizes that if a guy is on Tinder, he's not looking to be just a friend. She can't be that naive haha :)


She is going to college in September which might put her off wanting to start something serious


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  • She just might be that naive, so just be completely clear with her so you don't waste your time. Tell her you want to move forward into dating her because you think you guys get along great together.

    • Hmm that is true but at the same time I have to be aware that she might be preparing for uni and having to work a fair amount of the time as well so I don't want to put her on the spot

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    • That sounds like it would be good! However there's still the issue of going on a date first, I don't want to say that we'd be great together before i've had the chance to get to know her

    • then tell her that you're looking forward to getting to know her.

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  • Maybe you should just tap that real quick then kick that bitch to the curve. However that's none of my business.