Can't stop falling for a player how do I help it?

I have no idea if he cares but he does sometimes and i strongly feel he is a player but still do what ever he asks me to do
its a long distance (kinda) relationship he may like me
i seriously love him and he knows that
PS he is a busy person he deesnt answers me some times
even though he is online than i gotto hear his excuses on how busy he was etc
what to do? can't stop myself


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  • It's just your preference. Don't force it and get with a nice guy. You could break his heart by cheating on him with who you're really attracted to, and other people don't deserve that.


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  • listen you what your logical side says if it says he's a player than he is either your pussy or heart is in the way of you seeing that

  • You have said it your self, don't complicate things in your head and honestly listen to yourself


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