Should I worry about the fact I am 22 and have never kissed a girl or had a girl friend or gone on a date?

I am a male and I am currently 22 years old. To further explain my question I have never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl, and never even had a date. I am constantly thinking about this and it makes me feel dumb. I have friends that are girls and they are awesome. But I can't get a girl to like me. I know of one time I was getting checked out at a theme park and I should have done something about it but just sat there and as the ride started up she sexy waves to me and never saw here again:( but I'm over that. I just really don't know what to do in a lot of situation. I also have really low confidence because of this. Also school lowered my confidence at one point and it has not gone up since then. What should I do about this or like should I feel ashamed of my self or. not? I'm just confused and I am not good with stuff like getting a girlfriend and stuff!!!


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  • Me either, I think you just have to give it time and wait for the right person to come along. I am the exact same way I am 20, I will be 21 in October. I have low self esteem too, but I am slowing moving out of it, by being positive and loving myself. Also you shouldn't feel ashamed at all, I have no clue about dating or relationships. I've decided however, if I don't want to continue to be single I have to grow a little confidence and put my self out there a little more and you should to. Just don't push it, if a person isn't into you, move on and try try again! I am hoping if I stay positive and motivated I will meet someone before my birthday :) STAY POSITIVE and don't lose hope BEST OF LUCK

    • Thank you! Yeah I know what u mean and yeah I of want my first kiss abd sex to be with someone I know ateast alittle bit and not some stranger I pick up at a I've night stand! I know I have a lot of time to put myself out, there but it's hard, I just have to much pressure on myself if u know what I mean! And yeah I need to do what u said at the end but it's hard sometimes!

    • yeah I know its hard, but eventually you will really be ready to put yourself out there. I lost my first kiss and virginty to this guy that kept me a secret and didn't consider me his girlfriend. So I am 20 and never had a boyfriend, but have had my first kiss and lost my virginty. You should want your first kiss and V, to be with someone you know more than a little. After that guy I became more of a recluse, so it is hard. But if I am slowly gaining confidence and trying again, I know you'll be to do it as well :)

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  • Girlfriends don't just magically fall in your lap. You're a man so if you like a girl you need to pursue her, be straight up about how you feel. Most girls main desire is just to have a man that's crazy about them... the rest doesn't matter as much. So next time you're crushing on someone... GO GET HER!

    • Thank you! Yeah I just really need an extra push the next time I wanna chat with a girl I don't know that I find attractive! But yeah I let a couple girls that I didn't know slip by and it bothered me tht I did not do anything about it

  • There's nothing wrong with being 22 and not having kissed anyone. I was 17 and so desperate to loose my virginity that I had a one night stand with a guy a barely knew and regret it now so much. You will have a chance at some point, but don't try to rush into experience or you'll loose a chance to have a really good experience.

    • Thanks, yeah I truly see wgat you mean, I gave told people tht I am a virgin and they respect that! But yeah I guess I just place to much pressure on myself and that's what causes me to think the way I do with this post

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  • Twenty-two is not a old at all. You are not past your prime.

    Were you confident the first time you got on a bicycle? Confidence only comes from practice, for all but the very few.

    Take dancing lessons. Go to dance events. Ask old ladies to dance if necessary. They will love it and you will get practice. I know a guy who goes out dancing practically every night; it's really improved his mood.

    • Thanks! Yeah I know I'm not past my prime but yeah I really just gotta get my self out in public! It's hard now cause I'm in a small community college dorms but yea I need to find something tht is can do every day to improve my mood with this kinda stuff

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