Women - Online Dating Reasons?

Question for women...

Why would you date online... I guess I want to view women's reasons on why they would try online dating?

I've seen some very smart, and beautiful women that try online dating.. makes me wonder how it's possible that no guy has asked her out?


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  • I am an elementary school teacher so I'm clearly not gonna meet men at work, meeting at the bar is a terrible idea, most of my friend's friends are married. Options are limited for meeting new people authenically... might as well check out the internet.

    • Yeah, I talk to a lot of women who can't meet guys due to work reasons or don't have much of a list of guys to even go through in their work environment. So I guess the net works for you in that case.

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  • It's fun it's something new and it's a chance to meet people you can connect with. I've tried it the day I turned 18 and I love it I meet some cool people and made 2 amazing guy friends ... A lot of the Times girls just do it for fun it's not just for a date.

  • It is very common. eharmony and match are both good tools. There are plenty of smart and beautiful women who in real life don't have the opportunity to meet quality men.
    Online dating can be a very useful tool that expands your reach beyond your immediate surroundings.

  • I've tried okcupid and met this guy on there about 6 weeks ago and we have been talking ever since. The only reason why I try online dating is that I can already like eliminate the guys I certainly dont want to date just by what they have on their profile. This saves me the time to actually go out into the world and risk rejection and hurt and whatever to eventually end up finding out that I dont like the guy.
    I guess I have the social anxiety issue of real life dating under control too, since online dating eliminates that almost completely. I talk to guys online and feel more at ease while doing so than when I'm out with someone.
    Those are basically the reasons. I can talk to 10 guys at once and then eliminate them one by one until I have the one I want to really meet and get to know.

    • how do you eliminate a guy on his profile? What do you look for that makes you more interested in the guy?

  • You do meet guys who aren't up to scratch online, but it's a lot easier to weed out the unsuitable men before you even go on a date than it is to do in person.
    No point wasting dates on certain men.

    • I find one problem women say is weeding guys out is hard, because there are so many guys that they sometimes filter out their type of guys since there is so many of them. So it's kind of an overloaded system in some ways.

      Any tips on how to not get stuck in a huge list?

  • No one even asks me out except 3 people over Facebook I knew from school and that's been the past 5 years of my none equidistant dating life. Then I got raped and contracted herpes so now it online dating or nothing plus it's easier to tell someone in a message before you meet rather than in person and see their face crumple in disgust. I'm not ugly I'm average and I've had looks and comments made in passing no one just ever comes up to each other anymore. I think a lot of other girls want to reach as many people as possible which is harder to do in person to maximise the chances of them finding the ideal guy for them

    • I agree with you, not many guys go up to women and ask them out anymore. I think the larger problem is how society is making men sound. Some men are scared women will get creeped out or the guy will get rejected. So men stay away from asking women out since it seems more of a hassle than anything else.

      Also, I am sorry you had to go through a tragic experience. But I'm glad you've been strong and are getting through it! You are a very strong woman!

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