Bad Texter/replyer, do I freak out?

Yeah so this guy I like is a bad texter but like we were having this great conversation on snapchat, which he started :)) and then he just stopped replying.
Like he didn't open up my snapchat; I thought maybe he fell asleep since it was very late. but it was like 4 days ago
then I thought maybe he's ignoring me but his snapchat score hasn't changed.
Then i thought maybe his phone was dead but yesterday my sister texted him asking if he was going to this party I was invited to and he said no. So he just doesn't want to talk to me or? I don't text him until he texts me btw.


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  • I dont think you should take it too personally :) My bf hates texting, and never replies to me, so I would often get offended. But he just dislikes talking in that way and he'll think of a response, then forget to text, which can happen to everybody, then he'll remember and think ''Oh its too late''.
    Since he got me an iphone we've been facetiming though, and that has improved our relationship a surprising amount, since we talk regularly and can see each others faces, so its a lot better :)
    I think its a guy thing, so dont worry :) Maybe try calling him more or something? :D A lot of people find texting boring

    • He has an android:( , but I think he might like me!! I feel like I'm not comfortable enough to talk on the phone; I say stupid things lol. But He asked me out, & he told me I looked very pretty. :)

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  • Text him and find out what his problem is. If he doesn't want things to keep going, then he should have been a man and had the balls to tell you he didn't want anything with you.

    And dont do that "i dont text him till he texts me' shit. that only limits you.

    Ask him what his deal is, and his he's a douche bag and doesn't answer you, move on. You could do a lot better, so dont worry about it.

  • Just start a conversation over text and see what he's like. It may be nothing at all and he might turn around and be completely fine.