What important point should I know about my BF personal life?

I have never been in a serious relationship before. However, I am dating this guy for a while now. Its been pretty good amount of time that we are seeing each other, but i feel i dont know much about his personal life. When i tell him that i want to know more about him, he says ask me qs and ill give you answers, but i can't come up with qs to make me know him more.

what are some specific and important topics i should know about him? what kind of qs should i ask to make him explain more about himself? should know about his previous relationships in details?

please guide me through, thanks :)


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  • your going to want to know about his previous relationships not in detail but a number how many people he's slept with etc. It doesn't matter the number but you wouldn't want to be shocked later. his family his friends his past. what he plans for the future in general... just start asking questions and then ask things as you think of them. he sounds like he's trying to be an open book take advantage of it.

    • Yes he really is, but i am not sure how much into the details i can ask him for example about his previous relationships. He already talked abit about them and even showed me their pics and so, but i am curious to know how intimate they were, if they slept together, etc.

      Also i want to know his personality which may not show up when we r out together. I want to ask him qs to make him talk more and opens up more.

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    • I feel like the sooner the better but not like the day you guys make it official or what ever. Maybe with in the first few months. I only say sooner the better because what if you find something you don't like and break up better to do that in the beginning so your not wasting any ones time or hurting feelings too bad.

    • Thanks for mh! :)

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  • If your boyfriend has said, "ask me qs and I'll give you answers" then ask him any questions you'd like to know about him. If you can't think of any then wait until you do. Don't just write down some arbitrary list of personal questions and then start asking. Ask only the questions that you'd like to know. If you can't think of any then don't be surprised when you find something out about him that you never knew but everyone else did. Usually when two people start going together they talk about such things in normal conversation. Certainly there must be something's you like to know about him, isn't there? Do you start going with a guy and not even be concerned about any part of his life? Ask about his family, health, friends, schooling, sports, work, hobbies, etc. Stuff like that. That's the only way you're going to be able to get to know the guy unless he tells you these things on his own. If he's had past relationships then just ask him some basic questions. If he's had sex then maybe get into a little more detail especially if you plan do be doing the same with him. If you plan on having sex with him, then you better find out all about who preceded you. Otherwise, if he's had sex with, let's say 3 girls, you'll be for 4th. and before long another girl will be the 5th, etc. Good luck!

    • oo i think you didn't get my question completely. I do for sure ask him questions, and i already know a lot about him. i have basic info about his family, his fav sports, foods, schools, and what he does almost daily at work. But i feel i need to know his personality better. Sometimes i am so curious to ask him questions, but i am not sure if i have the right to know about it or not. either that would hurt me to know or not.

      like i even know about his ex gfs, and he even showed me their pics, and etc, but i am not sure how much into the details i can ask him about them. Is that ok if i want to know if he slept with them or not?

      These are the problems i am dealing with, not that i dont have any qs to ask!

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  • his parents. i feel its important to meet the parents.
    his past girlfriends and sex life
    his fears and strengths
    his general likes and dislikes
    his ambitions

    • His parents are oversees, but i spoke to her mom once.

      How far can i ask him about his previous relationships and expect him to explain me in details? can i ask him whether he has slept with them or not or such detailed qs?

    • yea i think thats perfectly fine as long as you're not the jealous type. just be prepared for what you'll hear.