If you're Single and mentally disabled and have never had a GF, is it pretty much over in terms of Finding Love if you not Speaking able?

I'm a man. What i've noticed from dating sites is women in their 30s have careers, many times they already are married and in relationships, even with kids. Not just dating sites but real life. I've also seen or read or heard what women want in guys. They want social, confident, outgoing and talkative men. All of the women in dating shows in tv, in dating sites, in dating articles online, and in dating books, and from what i've seen in real life, all the women want that.

i've never even had a date ever. Moreover i'm mentally disabled from brain damage ( i can write but i can't speak or think fast in real life) I can't walk very much either. I don't have a career and that means i'm pretty much a loser in Women's minds.

from 30s to 60s is not much time left and typically Americans die at 60 especially people that have genetic problems with the heart and so on. And i have that too. So, i have about less than 30 years if i ever am to find love. Doesn't seem very likely that i have enough time left to find love.
what do you think?



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  • Chill the fuck out man, stop being so melodramatic. Some people stay single for their entire lives - a great uncle of mine who recently passed away, and another uncle on a different side of the family, for two - and they are incredibly happy. They've remained single because they wanted to, because they find peace in solitude. For everyone else? There's somebody out there that they are fated to be with. We all have our other half, our penguin. Read Plato's Symposium - even he believes in soul mates (or at least tells us that Aristophanes does), and I think we can all agree he was a pretty smart guy.

    Any girl who turns you down does so because they are not the right woman for you, OK? Thirty years is a very long time. Think of all the memories and moments you had in the last thirty years. You have that many more to find the woman of your dreams and hold her. And you should know - it is false to say that most Americans die at 60. The average life expectancy of an American male is 78.7 years.

    Chin up, man. If you want to have more dates, be kind, be compassionate, and treat women like you want to be their friend. And you should also treat yourself like a friend, man. Stop calling yourself a loser, because you aren't one. Look around you, and try to find the woman who's actually right for you.


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  • Confidence is a state of mind.
    You may not be ‘quick on your feet’ figuratively or physically but you might be one of the best human beings out there. Once you learn to accept your faults and good attributes for what they are love will come. As long as you're honest with yourself and others a great woman will come.
    You could find a way to be honest and make yourself appealing on dating profiles.
    I bet you're an amazing guy! Relax. :)

  • Why don't you date disabled women? They'll be able to relate with you and be more understanding of your situation.

  • Hey hey he ! Try and be positive. Even though you are in a tough spot there are people out there who have it worse trust me!

    Some people are alone while in a relationship.

    Life is not about finding your love and than you did ! No, not at all.

    Ofcourse finding someone special is nice and I know one day you will find that someone.

    But for now explore life and go out there with a positive attitude. Look into religion , music, theory, animals, games, helping other ect...

    Life has so much to offer , when you dot worry about love and busy yourself with positive activities goals LOVE will come looking for you !

    Goodluck !
    Keep your head up :)

  • You could join a support group! It's a great way to meet people in the same situation as you! And you could fall in love at any age, don't feel rushed to settle down. Keep your head up coolDude!

  • There must be some one special who is in a similar situation like you. Keep looking.

    • I'm sure if you join in a support grp for people of your kind, u might encounter someone.

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  • I understand the anxiety of being not finding someone. For most of my life, I had no one, and never dated. Heck, people started suspecting I was gay, because I didn't try and pursue any local girls and none showed interest in me.

    First, as it's been said, life is more than having a relationship. Despite your disabilities, you are an awesome guy and are complete by yourself :) Focus first on having the best life that you can and being the best person that you're able. If there's a right girl for you around you, It's likely that the people in your area aren't terribly interested in you, and that's okay. Heck, the lady who became my wife lived 1,400 miles away from me!

    Yes, you have a few things wrong with you, but it's just baggage in different form, and we ALL have baggage. Think of yourself as a person before you define yourself by your disabilities. Just remember that there's always hope -- my cousin, a man who only recently discovered he had Asperger's (his whole life, people just labeled him "different"), is 41 and he just got engaged. I've heard of even more unlikely romances too.

    If you're interested in finding a lady, be social online, TRY to be social offline (I understand the difficulty in this), and try to be around people who are open-minded and friendly. For me, church has fit this well. Most importantly, do NOT focus on the fact that you're single. If you just dwell on the fact you're single, you'll do nothing except drive yourself mad. In the end, whether you're in a relationship or not, you're an awesome person and you should live your life the best you can :)