Question about possible loss of sexual desire?

I'm 26, and I have been with my boyfriend for some years now, and I love him very much. We have discussed getting married and being together which we both want very much. That being said, I've noticed that these days, I'm not really sexually... charged per se. I really enjoy (ed?) sex, and we did it quite often when we had more free time. Now that we're both working, we have less free time, and I find myself tired a lot. The subject of sex will come up late at night when I want to sleep, but he wants to be intimate. By then, sex is the last thing on my mind. There's also no real foreplay... usually, which I suppose leaves me a bit disappointed. I don't want to just have sex; I want it to be intimate.

I feel bad sometimes because I'm not suggesting we have sex more often like I used to, and I want to do that for him and us. These days, I don't even masturbate on my own. I feel like I've lost interest or I've just become so busy that... I don't want to take the time to pleasure myself.

Has anyone else gone through this? What can you do to recharge that sexual desire?


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  • I had it aswell. Its usually a combination of being tired and having had to many. Take some time off. Feel free to perform oral on him but your body is off limits. Do this until 3 days after you are absolutely craving it.

  • yaah itz part of the srages of being and becoming married. There times you do things not because you want to but because your other half of equation wants to. NOW balance is , can you live life like that? probably kids will come added by compounding stress. i think you need to sit him down xplain how you feel. make him understand your needs to emotinally feel wanted not just wow wam bang


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