Are we meant for each other? Or should I open my options too others?

1 year ago, I got to know this guy. He has always been very nice to me and loves me a lot too. Although I accepted him, but somehow I feel like it kinds of matter to me in terms of his academic background. I know clearly that everyone is different individuals.
Somehow, I wished his academic qualifications can be higher.
In such a case, I don't know if I'm having high expectations on him or is it that I expecting a par. Will we even have a stable future because in order to survive in my country, the qualifications really matter..
I'm afraid if we were to marry, I will regret having such a life. he is good to me.
But the future is something that cannot just have love and nothing else.
What exactly should I do?
Is it given my qualifications, I can find someone else better?


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  • Well that's complicated when your looking for a huge package deal. Your not going to find it all in one place. i mean you could but its highly unlikely. If that's the life you choose to live then sure find someone else because your going to recent him.


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  • "loves me a lot too"? You clearly don't love him if you are thinking about leaving him because he didn't take a few extra courses or get a better score on a piece of paper in school.


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  • You're not meant to be if you're doubting him and not accepting him.

    Analyze what's important to you here.. his academic achievements or him.. or are his academic achievements him in your eyes?