A girl cancelled out date twice... She promises she'll make it up, how much time should I give her?

I know this girl for a few years but lately we've been out of touch, so I call her and ask her out she says okay.

She calls me a few days later and says she's free on Monday... Come Monday she cancels& reschedules for Thursday... Come Thursday again and she cancels again.

She did offer an excuse (picking her dad from the airport& important business meeting both of which are genuine) but I don't see how both should take up her whole day& she can't spare an hour to meet me.

I called her that night to express my dissapointment... I told her I had to cancel some appointments (I'm a lawyer)& also I booked movie tickets... (Which I didn't get a refund on)... She kept on apologising& told me that she'll make it up to me and see me the first instance she has time.

Am I looking desperate because she think that she's making time for me? (Although both times she proposed the dates)?

Now please give me an idea that how much time should I wait before I sue her (I am a lawyer after all) how much time does even the busiest person take before they can spare 1-2hrs for friends.


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  • Sue her... lol..

    But really don't wait long at all, in fact it's better to ignore her. If she really likes you she'll make an effort to set up a time, but if not then you wouldn't have wasted any more time.
    Sorry about that though, sounds... unpleasant. I hate getting blown off. :(


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  • I say keep going about your life. Don't make any efforts to contact her. You did good on calling her and expressing how you feel. So, now if she wants to hang out let her call you, if you're busy oh well too bad for her, if you're not then let her pay for the date.

  • Honestly she's probably just not that into you in a dating kinda way :S she probably thinks your nice and so she's trying to be polite

    • I understand that she might not be into me but nothing justifies being dishonest and wasting someone's time and money.

    • Some women just don't know how to say no it's sad but it's true :/ I would just be a gentle man about it, if she try's to schedular a date , say thanks but no thanks. That usually makes them , feel a bit guilty ;)

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  • I hate flakes. I'd have blown her off completely by this point. If she's going to waste your time, then it means precious little to her and you should be getting on with your life, which doesn't include those who wish to devalue it.

    Now is about that time in my opinion.