Is it possible for me to date her? What if her parents do not comply with our relationship?

I am planning on asking out a really pretty Chinese girl who I have been talking to for the past school year and into the current summer. I heard that her parents are really strict and you could see it in her school behavior because she is probably one of the smartest girls/people I know.
Being a white male, I know it is kind of not what traditional Asian parents want, but I really do like her and I am pretty sure that she likes me back. And I do not want to be disrespectful to her or her family in any way.
I am a pretty smart and am in all honors classes (the girl and I are going to be juniors in high school), so there isn't much of a difference in intellectual levels between us (she is in a few more ap classes than I).
So, my questions are: would she go out with me, would her parents be OK if I dated her and would I be able to be comfortable around them?


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  • They might come around, my ex's parents seemed to hate me but when Christmas came around his mom bought me a pretty bracelet... some people just have a hard time showing love I guess. Or maybe after dating their son for a year and making him happy (we never fought) they realized I was genuine and could be trusted


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  • IF she will go out with you, I don't know.
    IF they will accept you, I don't know.
    IF you'll be comfortable around them, I don't know, but I assume if they're like her than yeah.
    If she does go out with you, then offer to pick her up at her place. Introduce yourself to her parents. Talk to them, be polite and respectful. See how they react and see how they make you feel.

  • As long as you show them that you will support her in hard times it should be fine. As long as the parents accept that she has chosen you to meet her parents then they have already been intrigued. I know as a female I usually don't bring the guy home until I know it's serious. So, just be yourself and make sure you be a gentleman!


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