How do I make a conversation?

Me and my boyfriend are online dating. Not long ago he left to see his grandparents for almost a month. Once he got back we both became too shy to talk. On Skype we see that the other is on but we don't talk because we have became really shy again. Can I get some help?


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  • That's always an awkward thing to work through, I understand.

    Despite how this might sound, you need to communicate with him. TALK about your mutual shyness :) It's a huge relief when you both can shoulder each other's burdens, especially when it involves each other. Also, there's nothing wrong with shared silence, but never, EVER think of silence as something that should dissuade you from the option of talking with each other.

    Even just saying "hi" and asking how each other's days are is a good way to open up conversation, and when you do reply, give a slightly detailed answer. If he asks how your day is, don't just say "good," but point out something that went on, no matter how mundane it is. That way, there's a hook for further conversation.

    If he's your boyfriend, he's also open enough with you that you can speak to him about whatever's on your mind. Don't be afraid to! He understands how awkward it can be to talk sometimes (my wife and I occasionally have this problem), and therefore, he shouldn't judge you, no matter what you say :)

    I wish you the best!

    • Thank you for the help!

  • Well if u both r shy these thing is really difficult to work out
    Anyone of u has to keep shyness aside and chat


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