What to do what a guy seems interested, but too anxious/shy to do anything?

There was a date a few months ago, but nothing came of it due to drama with his ex. We are on friendly terms, and lately he appears interested in me (e. g. making me aware that he is single, seeing whether I am single).

I am kind of a direct person and want to know what he honestly thinks and feels. However as a woman I absolutely do not like making the first move and asking, and even less so in this situation because he seems somewhat shy.

What can I do? Is there a subtle way to provide a context where a guy can admit they are interested/not interested?


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  • Yes dont make it a date. ask him if he would like to join you for coffee or something like that. Make it available for him to be alone with you without pressure. In doing this he will become comfortable enough to open up a little to you and you should know very soon if he is attracted to you or not.


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