Should I be worried about relationships in college?

In general, I'm not that obsessive girl who wonders what's wrong with me and dreams about hot, topless, celebrities who will ask me out like it's a movie or something.


Every girl has those days where they are just a tad bit insecure, so I just wanted to ask if I should worry about finding a guy in college. I wouldn't say I'm ridiculously hot but I'm not butt-faced ugly either. On a scale of 1-10, I think I'm like a 6 but my friends, even my guy friends and the few guys I've seen without something official tell me that I'm beautiful. Apparently I put myself down a lot when it comes to looks and have nothing to worry about. Anyway, It's gonna be my freshman year and although finding a relationship isn't by far my first priority, I still worry about it just a little. I'm going to be in 3 clubs and I want to do a lot of the on-campus events to meet new people.

So what do you think, am I over-thinking it, or are my concerns normal?

  • You're over-thinking it, all those people couldn't possibly be lying to you, right?
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  • It's normal to worry. but don't obsess, you'll be fine.
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  • You're not gonna find a boyfriend with that attitude.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't worry too much. Study, explore, and meet new people while attending school. If you are worried so much take aim at parts of school that don't see ladies in their classes very often. *Cough cough comp. sci. cough cough engineering*

    • Lmao. xD Will do. I'mma go find me a nerd c;

    • Aim for the juniors and seniors. The sophomores and frosh usually need some more time to mature. Plus its post gen-eds courses were we rarely see womyn.

    • Oh okay.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I voted B. You're a very attractive girl, and if you just be yourself the dating thing will take care of itself. If you're gonna be in 3 clubs you'll be meeting lots of people.

  • You have every right to be nervous or scared whatever you wanna call it fear is actually a logical behavior that helps you become more defensive, aware and careful of what to do or say. You'll be fine you'll find somebody just don't try to rush it.


What Girls Said 2

  • If you find a guy in college it will happen with little effort and thought because that is typically the funny way life goes; happening when we least expect it to. I can understand your thoughts but I would say don't worry about it. Even if you go through the semesters and notice more and more couples - don't stress it.

    Everyone has different paths in life. I think that should be your main focus. Your focus should stay on self for sometime as you continue develop into the woman you are to become...

    All in all, God will provide you the perfect man in the perfect timing... Have faith and continue falling in love with yourself!:)

  • Your not ugly and your ability to get a relationship will depend on you. I used to have a friend who looked a lot like you but her body was different. She was 5"11 and weighed 190 - 200 pounds but she didn't have cellulite on her body because she would regularly exercise her muscles. When she hung out with professional and educated guys - she always wore high heeled shoes. She would take 40 minutes to get ready every time me and my friends went to pick her up from her apartment because she wanted to look her best. If she was hosting a party and planning to bring along a guy that she liked - she would spend 200 - 300 dollars planning for it, buying the ingredients for the food and stuff and she went to cooking school to learn how to prepare the best meals etc... She also volunteered at church by dancing in high heeled shoes twice a week for 4 hours a day etc... If you try hard you can find somebody.

    • Good for her... Maybe there are some guys out there that like lazy chicks.__.

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