What so guys find attractive?

Hiii I was just wondering what a guy likes in a girl.


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  • girls are awesome!
    guys often like slutty girls
    many guys find bitchy girls very attractive
    i mean like very...
    i saw several guys turn on their shitass computers
    and the first thing they searched was hot gurls
    or bitches or whores
    and i asked them why and they said they want
    to look for girls to fuck

    so good luck in that!

    • Hahahahah you r so right XD this is why I like this site XDDD

    • I don't know what guys you knwo but they sound like twats, plenty of guys aren't like that and will want a proper relationship :P I would hate a bitchy girl or a slut. If you asking what a guy finds attractive in a girl he wants to date, it's not gonna be someone who sleeps around.

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  • I like Personality. I'd rather have a meaningful relationship.

  • Tits n vagina.. That's it... Lol


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