Getting a Girl To Reply Via Text?

I am 23, and I am in college. This summer, while taking a class, I met this girl... or rather... she met me. After getting to know her, I asked for her number and told her we should study together sometimes, and she agreed. She is a really busy girl, and she works full-time on top of that class. So, we only studied together a few nights a week late a night.

After we studied one night, I took the opportunity to ask if she wanted to do something after. She said she was too tired from work and studying together, so she politely declined.

On the last day of class, I asked if she wanted to hang out sometimes. She told me she would have to think about it, because she is taking 2 classes right after the course is finished and still working full-time.

Since the class ended, I haven't been in contact with her too much... but I still see her some mornings for a few min, studying for her other 2 classes, and we talk sometimes.

You see, I would really like to text her and ask when she has free time to hang out... but she hardly ever responds to her texts. Even when I used to set-up study sessions with her, it took her a long while to respond to texts. If it is an important text, like studying together, she will reply within 2-3 hours. If it is just an ordinary text, like, "what's up?" or what are you doing tonight? She replies 30% of the time. If I text her something like this (something that sounds urgent but is actually funny), do you think she would reply?

Me: Emily, I need you opinion right now.

Emily: With what?

Me: I met this cool girl in class named Emily. She's a pretty busy woman, but I would like to take her out this Sunday to grab a bite to eat and play some air hockey at the bar. If I ask Emily, do you think she will accept or decline?

If I sent her a text like that, do you think she would find it funny and accept my invitation... or do you think she won't reply?

Will this actually work?


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  • Sounds like she genuinely could be very busy, or that she's not interested. Texting can be a bit impersonal - why not try calling her. It would show you want to discuss this with her and its not some random message on her phone.

    If she picks up, my best advice is to have a plan. Specifically, have a place or event in mind you want to take her to. Gauge her reaction. Worst case is that she says she can't make it or isn't interested, and then you know where you stand. If she doesn't pickup leave a voicemail just saying you wanted to talk when she gets a sec. If she doesn't call back, you know where you stand too.


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  • That is cute! I would like that, and yeah text her that. if she declines, she doesn't hate you. hey, she studied with you... why not date? but yeah text her that.


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  • That actually seems pretty funny, I think it might work if she has the time to reply, as you said she is very busy and her free time is hard to come by. But go for it and see how it goes.

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