She called me cute multiple times, but not her type?

I was described this girl as "Super cute, but just not her type" because i didn't have piercings or tattoos

i asked her if this was a deal breaker and she said "maybe, cause i plan to get more piercings and tattoos too"

Should i continue to pursue her or not? surely that can't be THAT big a deal can it?

any girls opinions?

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  • Dont change your appearance for a girl that isn't even fully committed to you just move on dude


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  • just go for a girl that likes You and you personality,...

    other than that its just a waist of time

  • Considering she's defining her type by appearance... You aren't missing much. Find someone who isn't so shallow. Your type should never be defined by the way someone looks

  • If she doesn't like you for you then you should move on. Girls can be d*cks too! Don't change yourself for her because if she doesn't like you before she's not going to like you after


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