Gave a girl I like a b'day card, letter & a gift?

What is her likely reaction going to be? I'm in unchartered territory here.. It is her birthday next week & ATM I'm only getting to see her once a week, so I have it to her a week early.

Her immediate reaction was a squeal of surprise & delight.. (I loved her reaction to it lol, she's sooo gorgeous!).

The letter said.. And I'm thinking here because I don't have a copy of it saved! #doh.. It said 'I really like you, I want to get with you, I'll do you right.. You're totally gorgeous.. I love your smile, your looks - everything about you.. You're a top chick who's doing well for herself.. And I am getting to where I need to be after a bad few years.. In a few months I'll be well on the way there & by my birthday in Jan I will be there. It'll be a watershed moment in my life after wasting my 20's smoking weed, eating junk food & working in various clubs & bars.. I know you got a man, and 99/100 I'd walk away.. But I'm making a special case for you because of what I know about you & from what I see, you're the type of girl I'd do more for than *anyone else* ever.. Then I ended it by asking her to holla at me..

She's a confident girl & might put it on me in front of the whole spinning class. She's a personal trainer at my local gyms, I gave her the card, the letter and a gift card for a really long massage at a posh Thai spa place in Central London..

What's her possible reactions to it? I hope I haven't come across as weird.. I know she likes me too, I think the bf is a white lie.. She's always noticing me about, giving me a nice hello, or a special big smile ❤️❤️.

I'm in inexperienced territory here.. What's the next step?

Brutally honest, sounds like me!, I don't intend to give up..

In this letter i basically asked her to let me take her out a few times, a get to know period before making it official.

I spoke about myself a bit for a very valid reason #time
the girly squeal of delight though <3. I'll remember that for a while yet :D


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  • lol the letter was brutally honest, it's quite charming actually. It's cool you gave her something to think about. But respect her if she turns you down for having a boyfriend ( if she does in fact have one) I hope you get her.


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  • Don't write all that story about yoirself. Give her a card an write how beautiful and amazing you think she is. No need towrite about how you feel aboit her on her birthday because ske may not like you. And you can ruin her day, seens you like her take her out and make it memorable. Remember all about her, all what you said comes after her birthday.

  • Well you ruined it with "Holla" at me lol but I think she will be conflicted by your card. You kind of made her birthday about yourself. But I don't know this girl so I can't say what she would do. I wouldn't give you a second thought, but that's because I'm loyal.


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