Is there a chance he is wanting more?

I've been seeing a man for the past 3 months and I'm at his place and he says to "I enjoy kissing and cuddling with you and everything but I don't want you to think that is all I am wanting when you come over." It sounds sweet and yes he spends a lot of time taking about his job and his family and taking about going into the later part of the year and me not being upset because he is going to be working a major amount of overtime and won't be able to see me as much. We haven't made it an official relationship but my friends say he sees us as a couple if he is taking like that.


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  • I think he wants you to understand that he isn't inviting you over just to get in your pants, or just to fool around. I think the guy is trying to let you know that he wants more than just a physical relationship. Him talking about his job and his family, is also a sign he is thinking long term. There is the chance that he is considering marriage, but more of a long term relationship. When you are dating someone and want to be in a long term relationship you talk about things like family, work, plans for later, things that will come up, things that may interrupt you two getting together.

    Just take it easy and slow. If he is serious he will keep this route. Though I have had woman who talked about all this, and when push came to shove they were not interested in long term. Just sex.

  • I should think that he's taking on more work because he's preparing to marry you. This is a blind guess, but a man would sometimes try to bank as much reserve cash so that he could have the money for a nice ring, cake, a whole party and whatever, maybe even plan a trip with you to Mexico.


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