Be sure you never say you dont trust me?

This girl said this to me, when she tried to call me, but i wasn't in the mood to talk. what does it mean?

"For future reference. I have a bunch of friends over still. Yet I still could call. And you couldn't answer the phone. So be sure you never say you dont trust me"


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  • She thinks by calling you when she's with people it will prove that she has nothing to hide.

    • What could she hide tho? i guess thats why im confused about too.

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    • hmm i see. how is it hiding something tho, if you were to step away from a situation, to handle a call?

    • The fact that she went out of her way to call you while she was with others. If she'd been doing something she didn't want you to know about she probably wouldn't have.

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  • Oh, she's trying to say that you're underestimating her trustworthiness. Like she could cheat on you without you knowing, but she wants you to appreciate the fact that she's being faithful, otherwise she'll find someone else who appreciates her.

    • I see. what does a phone call, while she's at a house party (full of her neighbors mainly, and some friends), have to do with cheating/being untrustworthy?

    • She's telling you not to question her fidelity I guess. She seems like a tough personality. I'd just give in and trust her.

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