How do I get this guy (me and him are kinda a thing) to express his feeling to me more?

He's a really sweet and funny guy. Me and him go good together because we are kinda act like each other. But I wish I understood him better. I have a bunch of guy friends and he's the only guy I don't get!!! How do I get him to talk to me more.


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  • Everyone shows how they feel in different. people use words, some buy gifts, some offer their time, some try to do things they know u like. He's with u for a reason.

    • Yeah my cousin gets in the way a lot and I've started making her stop but the 1 thing that bothers me is when asked why he likes me he says because I do. He doesn't know why, but he says he wouldn't choose another girl because I'm special and that's what I try and focus on

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    • Be yourself. Just talk to him. The more u 2 talk the more u guys will get to know one another. Feelings will grow n develop naturally over time.

    • Thank you I'm going to let things happen

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  • Just talk about whatever you know he likes. If he wears say a badge of a Ferrari, talk about Ferraris, if he's carrying a book, ask about the book, and so on.


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