Internet dating - bizarre girl?

I started chatting to a girl last Friday, we exchanged about five messages online and she gave me her number without me even asking. We text all evening and she rang me later for about three hours - most of it was talking at me. Since then she has continued to ring everyday, but swerved the question of "do you want to go out" by saying she's busy and would need to check her diary, to be fair she works odd hours. But whilst she seems interested on talking to me, she doesn't seem interested in going out... I thought maybe she just needs a friend to talk to, someone who'll listen, but she has friends and 1000 on facebook.

It just seems weird that she keeps ringing, wanting to chat, and a bit of flirty suggestive chat too... but more along the lines of what she likes

So any ideas anyone?

Two calls so far today, just to let me know she has a hangover... and I'll ring you / text you later. It's almost like she's looking for someone to chase her, but she just keeps calling me?


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  • Maybe she has dick?
    Or, maybe she is shy about meeting you in reality, and afraid she is going to be all awkward, and doesn't know what to say or do. I'd go with the first option tho.


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  • Maybe she is trying to get a feel for you to make sure you aren't an ax murderer. I mean I will chat with someone for a few weeks before I go out in public with them. Thing is some people will play all Im interested in you until they get to the date and then try to get in your pants, Its like they are just waiting to see what you want to hear so they can spout it off so they can pretend you have some kind of connection. There are a lot of people who trawl dating sites looking for hooks up. Though they will say they are looking for long term dating, they tend to say that because it leads to a better quality of people.

    Just give her time, she might be shy and she might also be busy. If she continues to be dodgy then you can ask her if she wants to meet you in person or if she is just looking for a phone buddy.

    To be honest this is not the weirdest behavior I've seen from someone who I met on a dating site, Like not by far.

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