I know these type of questions are getting old to women in general but I still wonder, what do Russian women think of Mexican men or?

Latin American men in general?

Based on your experience for some of you Russian women.


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  • What do I think of Mexican men? How or in what way?

    Latin American men obviously I find Brazilian and Spaniards or South American men hot as hell but to me so far I have seen Mexican men who are short and for a Russian woman I am short and they are shorter than me so be more specific here - what do you mean?

    • Like Mexican Men as a boyfriend/husband material. I know you're not trying to generalize all Mexican men but I'm an American of Mexican descent and I'm not short. I'm 5'11 and weight around 170lbs. I guess you can say I don't look like your "typical" Mexican.

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    • this is race aside any girl should be thankful when you show her love in a way that I have mentioned or in a way you want to show her that you care and trust me she would do the same if for some odd reason she expects things and never gives then that one is a gold digger...

      and once again you respect her and she will do the same...

    • Yes, exactly. I treat my woman (and everyone else for that matter) how I'd like to be treated.

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  • Dude, I'm somewhat related to Russians but I'm not Russian. I can speak a few words, but to get to a Russian woman's heart, you have to embrace their culture - it's radically different than Mexican culture, I mean it's so weird that I almost dropped my language class. Russian culture is very hard to adapt to.

    • your funny while that may be true, not necessarily

    • Damn it, I know a lot of Russian peeps, they're so otherworldly it's unbelievable. I tend to just embrace the fact that this world is divided by oceans. Besides, I think Russians dig tough people, if you're truly a descendant of the Aztecs, then show them your Mocteczuma Ist's side and get them to embrace your wilderness.

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