Does my ex boyfriend still like me?

My ex boyfriend sent me a tbh (to be honest) that said ''Well you're my ex and we ain't seen each other in a while but you pretty and we should hang out'' so I said ''yea thanks'' and he said ''anytime.'' and I'm not sure to take it as a regular tbh or he still likes me...


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  • it likely means that since he left you he has had no opportunities to 'fool around' with someone as attractive as yourself, and so he comes crawling back. 'Tis the way of things...

    • I still like him too so what should I do?

    • get back with him, if you want. You'll probably find him more compliant this time around..

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  • Yeah he likes you.

    • What should I do tho?

    • It's quite easy actually, you just talk to him sincerely and ask if he feels the same way about you. There's no going about any other way.

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