How to meet girls (or really anybody) in college?

I'm 17, a junior in college, live with my parents, and have zero friends in college. (Life of the party right here haha) I luckily have a couple of high school friends that keep me content, but I'd like to meet some people in college. Particularly women because my phone contacts is a proverbial sausage fest. I can only speak from my experience that class is not a very social environment. Everybody funnels into the lecture hall half asleep, listens to the professor ramble endlessly and then shoots out of the classroom as fast as possible. Partying is off the table, because I don't enjoy it and my parents would kill me. Sorry for rambling

I'm a 17 year old junior in college; how do I meet people?


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  • You just read your stuff and show up early for class, then light up the room with a spark of interest. Ask questions about whether people read or not, ask what they think, then slyly move the conversation towards something about them. It's a lot of fun and you get to talk to a lot of girls without coming off as awkward.

    • Agreed! This does work! I ended up in a physiological psych class - with zero background knowledge of anything related to bio. It was like fricking reading greek to me. Any way, i started to have short/class related conversations w/this guy i sat by b/c i needed the help. The conversations gradually turned less academic and more personal (not in a dirty sense just regular get to know you stuff) - he could always make me blush, tho. A few days before the semester's end he asked me out.

    • Isn't that something?

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  • Joining clubs and (in this day and age it's legitimate) joining groups on Facebook that have diverse demographics that have been united by one common theme/interest. This is great for meeting guys and girls.

    You could also develop game and learn to cold approach girls on campus. Read "The Game" by Neil Strauss if you are curious about game.

    You're too young for bars and clubs and apparently don't want to party, so those are your best options in terms of meeting girls and people in general.

  • I got THE SOLUTION mate. Throw your fears away, stop being a pussy, and trust me:

    start DANCING. Hip-Hop/Streetdance. 80% women, open-minded, fun, can move (dayyymn.), friendly, etc.. And you'll never have to stand near the wall in the club. (I just love those guys lol. More women for me.). About the only thing I regret in my life that I only started about 4 years ago.. Should have been like 10 lol.