So I've been on and off dating this guy for 5 Years and he recently told me to leave him alone... what do. I do?

I need help!! I've been seeing this guy for 5 years on and off. and there has been no sex at all. which neither of us have talked about and. its never been an issue. a few days ago he made a comment about how if he liked my best friend of 6 years that he would. never have a. chance with. her. and I simply asked him why he would tell
Me of all people that knowing that I'm in love with him AND have put up with his bs for years along with him being. unstable about what he wants with me as of dating or not. I tell him how I feel and that I love him all the time but he gets mad when. I do and ignores me. recently after the comment he commences to tell me to leave him alone... and I'm to. the point where I've tried everything and. nothing is ever good enough!! What do I do?


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  • Can you please expand on why you added in the comment "and there has been no sex at all. which neither of us have talked about". Do you believe that is the root of the issue?

    • Not for myself. but he recieves this from others.

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    • I think that's where I'm actually headed because I'm unwillingly dealing with him being disrespectful and putting me down.

    • No one should have to deal with someone who puts them down. Do what you need to do.

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  • find somebody who's actually worth your time


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